Gainz Fitness & Strength
Terms & Conditions


    In the Agreement "I" and "Member" means the person whose name and signature appear on the Agreement, whereas the “Gym” refers to Gainz Fitness & Strength”
    You will pay your membership fees in accordance with the payment option selected by you on the Membership Agreement, being either: a) monthly; or b) in full up front.
    The Agreement is a legally binding obligation for which the Member is financially responsible. If the Member has a prepaid membership, the Member acknowledges that the fee paid is not refundable under any circumstances. If the Member has a term membership, the Member's membership will automatically renew after the term ends and the Member will continue to be billed according to the agreed fee. The Member agrees not to conduct any kind of commercial or business activity in the Gym and will not act as a personal trainer for anyone within the Gym. The Member understands that the Member is responsible for updating their address and contact information.
    Members may cancel membership by filling out a cancellation form at the Gym. The Member understands they may be billed for up to 30 days after the Member cancels membership and will have access to the Club during that time. If the Member dies or becomes totally or permanently disabled, upon reasonable written notice to the Club with proof of the death or disability, either the Member or their estate may cancel the Agreement and receive a prorated refund of the unused portion of membership fees incurred
    Members can freeze their memberships, for a charge of £10 per month, due to illness, pregnancy or redundancy, by providing notice of the intention to freeze membership at least 10 days prior to the next direct debit date. Membership can be on freeze for a maximum of 3 months after which Membership will automatically be un-frozen and will revert back to the applicable monthly rate. Freeze only applies to monthly memberships.
    The Gym reserves the right at any time to remove, repair or replace the facility equipment without any effect on the Agreement. 
    All membership holders of the Gym must be a minimum 17 years of age. For all minors under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the membership agreement.
    Please do not take, sell or discuss any steroid use on the gym floor. Smoking, drug use and alcohol consumption is forbidden in the Gym. 
    Members use the Gym’s facilities, appliances and services entirely at thier own risk and the Gym has no liability to Members for any loss, injury or damage sustained or incurred by Members or their property, with the exception of negligence or fraud by the Gyms management or staff.
    If Members engage in gym activities or make use of the Gyms facilities, Members are responsible for ensuring that they are properly equipped and that the state of the Members health and physical condition is such as not to involve any risk to themselves or any other person making use of the Gym.
    If Members use any piece of equipment supplied by the Gym, Members must be competent in its use or have received instruction by a member of the Gyms staff as to its safe use
    The Gym will not tolerate weights left on the floor, in wrong places or incorrectly placed. Members will be banned if found to be not putting the weights away after they have used them. 
    Aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening behaviour by any Members will result in the termination of the said Members membership.
    Misuse of equipment in the gym may result in the membership being terminated.  
    Members are requested to use sweat towels and to wipe down equipment after use.
    The Gym has the right to deny access to access to any Members found wearing inappropriate gym attire. For example flip-flops, sliders, formal shoes, jeans and leather. Necklaces are not to be worn in the gym at any time. 
  11. ACCESS
    Members access the gym via biometric reader. Members are not permitted to allow access to the Gym by non members. Members found letting non members into the Gym will have their membership terminated. 

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