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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions // Club Rules at ID-Studios


1.     You may not loan your membership or permit it’s use to anyone else . A joint membership is available should this be required. See below for more information. 

2.     Upon becoming a member you need to ensure consent to us contacting you via telephone , email or mail is clear.

3.     You consent to us taking your photograph for membership and security purposes or uploading your own picture is possible . Provided we give you reasonable notice we reserve the right to take photographs of our facilities ( which may include you provided your inclusion is incidental) for press and promotional purposes

4.     Individuals age 16 or 17 years old may apply however will be subject to providing guardian information , emergency contact details. We may reserve the right to ask for written parental consent and any additional requirements which we may impose from time to time.


5.     You should use the facilities and equipment in accordance with the advice given by any members of staff at the health club and via the notices displayed.

6.     You will not abuse the facilities or equipment of the gym and you will pay for any damage to property where you wilfully or negligently cause such damage.

7.     Disorderly, rude or offensive behaviour towards any member of staff, or other members will result in immediate termination of your membership. For the purpose of this clause a single breach will be regarded as “serious”.

8.     Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour at all times when visiting the health club.

9.     Please ensure you are wearing clean and appropriate footwear in the gym such as clean trainers.

10.  Please ensure you are responsible for your personal items and belongings. There are free lockers located in the changing rooms.


11.  Membership fees are due and payable at the commencement of each membership period and will be taken via go cardless direct debit facility.

12.  Membership fees may be increased at our discretion but we will display a notice at least 1 months’ notice before making the change.

13.  Please note that we may withdraw or vary any memberships category but we will display a notice where possible 1 month before making the change .

14.  In the event you fall into arrears in respect of any fees payable without prejudice , we reserve the right to suspend membership  and gym entry until arrears have been cleared.

15.  Membership may only be “frozen” for pregnancy , redundancy or physical incapacity through long term injury or illness supported by medical evidence at the time. The request to freeze a membership must be received in writing. A request for membership freeze to any of the above will not be granted in retrospect. The period of a “freeze” is for a minimum of three months . An administration fee of £10.00 per person per month will be payable


16.  We strongly recommend that you undergo an induction at ID-Studios before using the gym facilities .

17.  A pre- activity questionnaire. (PAR-Q) must be completed and will form part of the registration process. A PARQ must be updated annually at the minimum.

18.  You will not use our equipment or facilities whilst suffering from any infection or contagious illness, disease or other ailment where there is risk, however small, that such may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of other members , guests or employees, agent or subcontractors.

20.   Please raise with staff if you are not clear on any of the above or wish to raise complaints or comments please contact the manager at


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